„Kaip augti tikėjimu“ prisijungus ir atsijungus

How to grow in faith is the solution for faith formation in schools, parishes, and communities. The course challenges participants of all ages to interact by asking questions, searching for answers together, and discovering how God loves each of them very deeply. Taking the Tweeting with GOD book and app as a basis, together with the Online with Saints app, the online material, videos, social media, and manifold activities this is a very interactive program. It can be used with adults, teenagers, and youth, those who are completely new to the faith, as well as those searching to deepen their understanding of the faith. 


This is a detailed handbook for helping people to grow in faith. It can be used by seasoned teachers and beginning leaders alike. It covers all stages of the course, including an introduction on the meeting, a detailed layout of the program for every course meeting and all activities. The interactive multimedia approach with videos, games, discussion rounds, and prayer moments, corresponds with the needs of contemporary participants. 

For whom?

The course can be used by schools as a program for religious education, by communities as a catechetical program to grow in faith, or by parishes to support those preparing for the Sacraments of Confirmation or First Holy Communion, catechumens seeking Baptism (RCIA), or couples preparing for marriage. Think also of the personal development of teachers, health workers, social workers... or as follow-up after introductory courses like the Alpha Course. How to grow in faith can be used in all these circumstances. 

Active participation

One of the greatest advantages of the Tweeting with GOD approach is the active involvement of the participants. Because of the priority given to their personal questions, they will be much more alert during the meetings, also because they can present their own thoughts and are listened to. The Tweeting with GOD content assists in finding an answer, meaning that the moderator does not need to know everything themselves. 

The program

The programme has been set up in such a way that the most important elements of the faith will be covered. The encounter with Christ is central, evinced also by the importance given to the use of the Bible, and attention for prayer during the meetings. Participants will grow in their knowledge of the faith and are handed ways to help them integrate that what was learned in their personal daily life. The How to grow in faith course can be held during one, two, or three years. 

Course material

The course material consists of:

Handbook for the moderator, teacher, catechist, or pastor

The handbook How to grow in faith for moderators, teachers, catechists, pastors, and volunteer animators corresponds in size and layout of the Tweeting with GOD book. The handbook indicates step by step how to set up a course programme, while leaving the necessary freedom to adapt to the local situation. You can freely choose to follow the fully prepared programme, or to adapt the course to the needs of your group and your own experience. 

Order How to grow in faith

Practical material for the moderator

Several meetings require printed material for the participants, which can be downloaded here. We aim at making your mission as simple as possible!

Participant’s guide 

This optional booklet with reminders for the participants is available for free download here. You can print it double sided as an A5 booklet, and then trim the bottom edge so that the booklet fit snugly into the Tweeting with GOD book. You can adapt the Participant’s guide to your own needs:

  • You can replace the introduction by your own version.
  • Depending on the needs of your group you can add or delete some parts.
  • You can add your own schedule of meetings with the correct dates and times.