Faith on the go

Tweeting with GOD

This free app is a very useful tool for anyone who has questions about the faith. The app can be used with and without the book.

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  • All Questions can be accessed directly from the app. You can search for specific words in the search tool.
  • SCAN any image with the SCAN logo on the top-left side on a double page in the book to access the online content.
  • Catholic prayers to help you pray yourself are available in many languages.
  • The Order of Mass gives access to the standard texts of the Mass.
  • Daily Bible texts for Mass are also accessible in many languages.
  • The Divine Liturgy of Saint John Chrysostom can also be followed easily.
  • Pray with the Saints links you to the “social media profile” of the saints in Online with Saints.
  • The Pope’s prayer helps you pray with the Pope’s worldwide prayer network.

"One of the most advanced Catholic apps I have ever seen!" - Father Roderick Vonhögen, Trideo Media


Catholic Military Connect

This expanded version of the TwGOD app is developed especially for use in the military in collaboration with the Apostolat Militaire International. The aim is to empower sailors, soldiers, and airmen and other military personnel to live and grow in their faith, to find answers to questions related to faith and the military, to pray and find encouragement, to share their faith with others...

In addition to the full content of the Tweeting with GOD app, the Catholic Military Connect app contains:

  • Military questions about faith and daily life as a military
  • Military Saints
  • Prayers for the military
  • Testimonies
  • Inspirational quotes
  • Spiritual first aid
  • Contact details of national chaplaincies

The Catholic Military Connect app is addressed both to the individual military and their network of family and friends. Thanks to the input of military and chaplains from various nations, the content is of a very practical nature, addressing the direct needs of military and chaplains in the field. The Catholic Military Connect app is fully available offline.